Residents Upset About Theatre Decision

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(Olive Branch, MS) Dawn Heuser says she started getting worried about a movie theater that will back up to her backyard, when the story about the place started changing, ”Every time there’s a little hiccup, people need to wake up and take action and be involved and come to the alderman meeting and stress their concerns."

She’s not against the theater, per-se, but she’s very much against the fact that the owner want to back it up into her neighborhood.

How close will the theater be?

The property line goes right up to a white line about 40 feet behind Heuser's garage.

Heuser says that’s way too close for comfort, even though the owner says he’ll put up a chain link fence for separation, ”With a movie theatre, there’s some concerns, safety, lights, crime and traffic."

Southaven officials we talked to agree, saying they have serious problems with security around their movie theater, especially on weekends, and it backs up to an industrial area.

Heuser and her neighbors are still circulating a petition and plan to pack the next Board of Aldermen meeting to send them a message that the theater needs to go somewhere else, ”I went in naively thinking they would look out for the people’s interest first, not the big business guy."

She says politicians need to take care of voters, first.