Woman says Tax Business Behind Violent Attack

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(Memphis)  An unbelievable story out of Frayser. 

A woman says she was shot at multiple times after getting her taxes done. 

She claims it was the tax preparation business behind the violent attack.

“This is how they handle business?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“He sends his security out to come after you,” said Erica Spears.  “These are the bruises I received from the glass shattering in my face when he shot directly at me.”

She says two men came after her with a baseball bat and a gun after she had her taxes prepared at Royal Tax Service in Frayser.

“There are security guards there to make sure you pay out the side out of your check,” said Spears.

She says the company charged her almost $700 dollars to file her taxes and then afterwards, they wanted $750 more.

“And if you do not pay them their money, they are coming after you,” she said.

She says two men that she met at the business came after her when she wouldn't pay them the extra cash on the side.

Cordarlriu Sledge is in now in jail for allegedly assaulting her Monday with a baseball bat and Dorsey is charged with shooting at her at least 10 times.

“I didn`t think it was real. It was unreal,” she said.

We went to Royality Tax Service to see what they had to say.

“Do you work here?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

(Someone slammed the door in her face.)

We weren't well-received.

“Is this guy an employee of yours?” asked Hall.

We asked those in the office if they recognized the men and if the two worked for the company.

“You have never heard of them but you don't want to take a look at their faces?” asked Hall.

“Yes. They are lying,” said Spears.  “They keep a group of guys around as security to make sure when you cash your check, you give them their money.”

If Erica's story is true, It's an illegal and violent way to run a tax business in Memphis, “They are extorting people.”

News channel 3 is going to stay on top of this story.

In the meantime, the alleged gunman, Dorsey, is in jail on a $250,000 bond.  Sledge is in jail a $150,000 bond.