Gun Safety Urged After Child Involved Shootings

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(Memphis) - When it comes to gun safety few know its importance like Rangemaster General Manager Tom Givens.

“You have to control access to that deadly weapon,” Givens said.

Givens said it’s a good time discuss gun safety after four-year-old Joshua Johnson shot himself.

Police say his mother was asleep when he found a gun and started playing with it.

“It’s a perfect example of somebody having a deadly weapon in their home and being too stupid or lazy to figure out how to handle it properly,” he said. “Nobody buys a car without knowing how to drive, but they will buy a pistol without knowing how to use it.”

Learning those basics brought the Zieglers to a Rangemaster safety class Tuesday night.

“That’s part of taking this class. Our kids are getting older and they are starting to have friends over and we have guns in the house. So, we are doing everything we can to secure them as much as possible,” David Ziegler said.

If you want to keep a loaded gun, Givens says use a locked case.

“All you have to do is open the box up and take the gun out,”  he said.

An even better option is a steal box.

“A four-year-old child is not going to break into it,” he said.

But if you want a free option, the Child Safe program with Memphis Police Department will give you a gun lock.

“You stick the cable through the bottom or side and take the key close it up and it's locked,” Officer Marion Hannah explained.

While locks are key, Hannah said education is too.

He said tell your kids if they see a gun, “Stop. Don’t touch it. Leave the area and go tell and adult.”

He urges parents to get smart too because, “an untrained individual is just as dangerous as a curious child.”

The gun cases Mr. Givens discussed cost anywhere from $30-$40. The gun locks from MPD are free and you can get them at any precinct. Police say they will even help put them on for you.