Methodist Hiring for Olive Branch Hospital

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(Olive Branch, MS) The New Methodist Hospital in Olive Branch looks closer to completion every day.

As the hospital gets closer to it’s planned August opening date, Methodist has opened the application process for jobs here.

First up, are management and supervisory jobs.

“We’re going to be staffing the hospital in a phased approach and the first positions we’re looking for are leadership positions,” said Tina Sims of Methodist Healthcare.

Methodist will open the application process for other skilled positions in April, followed by a job fair in June for support jobs to finish the process.

In the end, Methodist says it will hire about two hundred forty people to work here at what it calls competitive wages.

The application process begins online, on Methodist’s website:\careers

“The hospital’s coming along, it really looks great, we have our cross was hung recently and it’s just exciting” said Sims,

In fact, Methodist plans to hold it’s final job fair at the hospital itself, within weeks of the New Olive Branch Hospital’s opening date.