Tow Trucks Involved in Crash During Memorial Ride

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(Memphis) An accident on I-40 backed up traffic Saturday afternoon.

It happened just west of Covington Pike around 4 o'clock.

A line of tow trucks in a memorial were driving along when one reportedly rear ended the another. One of the trucks crashed through a guard rail.

Investigators are looking into whether someone cut them off in traffic.

Two small children were passengers in one of the trucks, but weren't seriously hurt.

The memorial ride around I-240/40 was to honor longtime tow truck owner Gene Gleaves who died this week.

"You'd be amazed at the companies out there that came from him because they had worked for him and saw his passion and drive for the industry and therefore gave them that passion and drive to start their own," says Lisa Gleaves of Gleaves Wrecker Service.

Ride-arounds are a way the tow truck industry shows respect when one of their own  passes.

The line of trucks drove by Gleaves' shop to honor their friend.