Cordova Man Charged with Attempted Murder

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(Memphis) - A fight between two lovers almost turned deadly in a Cordova home Friday evening.

“It's absolutely crazy to me,” said Russell Laster, who lives next door. “It's been baffling me all day, what happened and why did it happen.”

He and others around the neighborhood are left with questions after their neighbor 39-year-old Andrew Edwards was charged with trying to kill his girlfriend. Laster knew Edwards by his nickname, ‘Splotch’, “It’s not that I was his best friend, but I've been around him enough to know that this is not in his character at all.”

Just before 7:00 Friday evening police were called to Edwards’ house on Maggie Woods Place. They found his girlfriend on the floor unconscious, with a gunshot to the head.

“It really shocked me that he was capable of something like this to be honest with you,” said Laster.

A man came to pick up the victim when police say he saw Edwards choke his girlfriend and throw her against the wall.  He then allegedly held a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. Edwards told police it accidentally fired.

Investigators say Edwards asked the witness to call for help. The woman was airlifted to the Med in extremely critical condition. Laster, who calls Edwards a good father, can't understand what made him snap, “Why would he jeopardize his life and what he had with his daughter and risk it all for nothing?”

Edwards is charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder and is in jail on a $500,000 bond. The victim is now in serious condition.