666 Stamped On W-2 Causes Man To Quit Job

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(Clarksville, TN) The number 666 stamped on a W-2 form caused a Clarksville man to quit his job.

Walter Slonopas, 52, was a maintenance worker at Contech Casting LLC.

Slonopas told the Tennessean, “If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil.”

The owner of the company said the number was given by the vendor that processes payroll and meant that was the 666 check mailed out.

This isn’t the first time he quit his job over the number which the Bible associates with the Devil.

The newspaper reports back in 2011 when he started at the company,  Slonopas was supposed to be given the employee number of 668 but was assigned 666 by accident.

That was fixed but once again, he was given the number when time clocks were changed at which time he quit.

Slonopas said he became a born again Christian 10 years ago.