Armed Robber Targets Residents As They Come Home

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(Bartlett, TN) Bartlett police are searching for a man they say has robbed two families at gunpoint as they pull up to their homes.

23-year-old Jacqui Dawson is accused of robbing one couple on January 16th, and one woman on January 27th while her 3-yr-old granddaughter was in the backseat.

Dawson is described as 6' tall and about 150 pounds. His photo is included in the video posted on this page. Anyone with information on where he is should contact Bartlett Crime Stoppers at (901) 382-MONY.

On January 16, the Martins were pulling up to their home in the 3900 block of Spinners Cove at around 8:45p.m. Norma Martin entered the home first.

Her husband had noticed a grey, Nissan Sentra with tented windows circling the complex at a distance behind them, but didn't think anything of it once the car had turned the corner.

"That's really what through me off, because I really felt good when I saw the car keep going," he said.

But soon he noticed a man walking on his block.

"He was walking nonchalantly, casually. And then I turn around to lock the car door, and then he started running across the parking area with a gun."

He said the suspect threatened to shoot him in the head. He had Martin put his iPhone and wallet on the ground, and then demanded his wife come back out.

When Norma Martin returned to the sound of yelling, she said, "When I turned back, I saw a male, young, boy, putting a gun in my husband's head. I said, Oh, Lord. That is my last day. Just take me with you, take my husband, and take care of my daughters. I thought he was going to kill us. Seriously."

The suspect demanded her purse, but she didn't have anything on her. He left with the wallet and iPhone.

More than a week later, the suspect approached Carolyn McCroy in the 2900 block of Bartlett Heights Drive at around 6:30a.m.

McCroy had just dropped off her daughter Kassandra at work and had come home with Kassandra's 3-yr-old daughter.

Kassandra McCroy said her mother was just unbuckling her daughter's car seat when the suspect came up with a gun.

She said her mother was so shocked she couldn't move. The police report states the suspect said, "give me your purse and don't say sh--."

Her mother handed over the purse and started screaming for help.

"I was very shocked, hurt, upset, scared, for both of them actually. Because you never know even after he got her purse, he still could have shot both of them," Kassandra McCroy said.

Now she said her daughter has bad dreams, and even gets scared hearing shots on TV.

"My baby was just like, Mommy, the man took Mimi's purse. I said, I know, baby. Well, we're going to get him. We're going to get him."

Both families identified Jaqui Dawson as the man with the gun.

A woman named Princess Ayers was arrested for using McCroy's stolen credit cards, but Dawson is still at large.

Norma Martin said, "I don't feel ok. I'm scared to death. I'm very concerned about my daughters, my neighbors, my...all the people who live here."