Security Guards Arrested for Pulling Guns, Ramming Cars

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(Memphis) People can't believe the allegations against two security guards hired to keep the New Horizon Apartments safe and secure.

A man claims they pulled a gun on him, chased him and rammed his car with their cars.

"That's something new to me," said Vincent Rogers, whose sister lives at the complex. "I've been over here for a long time and I never think they would do something like that."

Memphis Police say it started when a man came to the complex for money he said he was owed by contractor. Christopher Jones and Pacer Mayhorn wouldn't let him in.

The man told police that Mayhorn tried to pull him out of the car and then pulled a gun as the man drove off into the complex. Police say Mayhorn and Jones got into separate cars and followed the man, ramming his car. Investigators say they chased him 3 miles from the complex.

"They're taking it a little bit too far," said Rogers. "I don't think it takes all that to keep the problems from the apartments there."

Police arrested the two security guards and charged them with aggravated assault. Investigators say Jones was carrying a stolen gun while Mayhorn was driving on a suspended license.

"Start checking out security, check their backgrounds and maybe everything would be straight," said Rogers. "[You'll know] who is here to protect and serve and who is not."

The security officers worked for DNS Security.

They were unable to be reached today for comment. Despite the allegations, the apartment complex says they will continue use DNS for their security.