Parent Concerned About Paddling

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(Lake Cormorant, MS) ”It was so bad, we had to take him to the hospital because he was bruised so bad,” said Jimmy Bloodworth who says DeSoto School employees paddled his stepson so hard, it prompted a trip to the hospital.

He says it started with a discipline problem in class last week at Lake Cormorant Middle School, ”He got reprimanded for acting up in class and my wife got a phone call saying they were gonna spank him. She said that was fine but she wanted a phone call to let her know if they was gonna spank him and what for."

DeSoto County Schools has a reputation for no-nonsense discipline, but it also has strict guidelines, spelled out in this policy which goes to all parents.

”Bruising is never the intent and the mother contacted the school and requested her child be paddled when she learned of his behavior in class,” said spokesperson Katherine Nelson.

Nelson said the child got three licks from a coach, with the Principal witnessing the punishment, ”We followed all standard procedures. The mother was sent a test that the child was going to be paddled, but again this was at her request."

Bloodworth was shocked at the bruises and injury it left behind, he made a report to sheriff’s deputies, and school administrators who today launched an investigation into the matter, ”I’ve never seen a spanking that left welts that bad. In my opinion, it’s about like child abuse. I’d like for something to be done about it."

Parents can always opt out of the district’s corporal punishment policy.

Bloodworth says he’s doing just that to make sure this never happens again.