Could You Live In A 100 Square Foot House?

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(Fisherville, TN) Have you ever wanted to downsize or simplify your life?

One Mid-South company is making that possible by building homes you can fit into a parking space.

The 100-120 square foot houses are built on a 16 foot trailer.

The homes come with everything your average size house does, including a kitchen, a bathroom, a loft space for sleeping, and a front porch you can fold up if you decide to take your home on the road.

"Over here you got your tiny bar sized sink," said Joe Everson.

Everson got the idea for his tiny homes from a child's playhouse, "It hit me. We can make these three to four times as big, and people could live in it."

The miniature home craze started several years ago on the West Coast.

Tennessee Tiny Homes is the first company to sell them in the south.

Allison Smith has been checking out the small spaces, "I want this one. I want to take this one home."

Smith said she would have to get used to living with a lot less, but the $22,000 price tag makes it appealing.

"I'm paying more for rent, and depending on how long I stay there I could pay off this in less than two years," said Smith.

Tennessee Tiny Homes has only been in business a year and has already built three homes and sold two.

Right now they are finishing one that is being customized with high-end fixtures and wired for recessed lighting and a giant flat screen TV.

The woman who bought the house is downsizing from a 5,000 square foot home.

Everson said she's ready for the minimalist lifestyle, but wants to be comfortable.

"It will have heated flooring, granite counter tops," said Everson.

Everson said anything someone can dream up he can build, just more compact.

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