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SuperBowl Blackout Cause Revealed

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(Southaven, MS) When the lights went out during the Super Bowl, people’s imaginations ran wild.

“Maybe it was too big of a halftime show, a lot of lighting, a lot of drawing the power, something might have happened because of that,” said Kevin Greenaugh of Glendale, Maryland.

Actually, he’s closer than he realizes, but don’t think for a minute, others didn’t have more sinister causes on their mind.

It’s been the subject of movies like 1977’s “Black Sunday” where terrorists tried to crash and blow up the Goodyear blimp at the super bowl.

More recently, “The Sum of All Fears” showed a nuclear bomb going off at a football game.

Entergy officials say a circuit breaker like the one in your home caused the problem.

”It breaks the system out and that’s protection because if you get a circuit that’s overloaded it could melt the wiring and cause a fire. It’s for protection” said Don Arnold of Entergy.

But blackouts have other causes too, like animals that find their way into substations and touch the wrong wires.

”We’ve actually had a bear over in the delta climb up a transformer pole and knock the system out so animals can cause that,” said Arnold.

Entergy has special fencing around the many of its substations, mostly in rural areas, that prevent animals as small as a rat from getting inside and causing a power outage.

Entergy’s Arnold says at big events and in severe weather, his company has service people on stand-by to start fixing problems right away.