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Mississippi’s Severe Weather Preparedness Week


(Southaven, MS) When weather turns bad, lots of people like Arthur Hicks get plenty nervous, ”Oh, it does. It scares me when it thunders and lightnings, yes.”

But Mississippi disaster leaders want people to prepare for the worst.

They’re promoting it this week with a series of demonstrations and public events over the next several days.

The state calls it ‘Severe Weather Preparedness Week’ but State leaders are really pushing all forms of disaster preparedness from ice and tornadoes, all the way to earthquakes.

DeSoto County’s Emergency Management Director Bobby Storey says flooding is a particular problem, ”Turn around, don’t drown is very important in that part because it seems continuously we have somebody that tried to go through just minimal flood water they get wiped off into the Coldwater River and other areas.”

He also says, it’s very important that we all keep disaster kits, with flashlights, food, clothes, first aid and other items.

Enough that we can take care of ourselves for at least three days without help, ”Keep some water, keep come canned, non-perishable goods changes of clothes, socks, shoes, stuff like that. People laugh, but always keep a pair of shoes next to your bed.”

Because, in a disaster, you may have to walk over nails, broken glass and other debris.

And even though Arthur Hicks doesn’t like storms, he’s ready to care for himself and his wife, for as long as it takes, ”Oh yes, we might have to eat peanut butter and crackers, but we’ll manage”.

Folks looking to protect themselves can also take advantage of the new severe weather smart phone app from WREG.

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