Driver of Flipped Daycare Van has a History with Police

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(Memphis) The four toddlers involved in a daycare van accident Friday have all left the hospital.

Christopher Moore is ticketed with failure to maintain proper control.

It's believed that neglect led to this daycare van accident on Lamar. 

Police say also didn’t have car insurance for the van leading to another ticket. 

He was also ticketed for three counts of improperly retraining children.

According to the police report there were four children in the van all under the age of five.

One of those children is a 2-year-old who was thrown from the car through a window.

The only child who had a safety seat is a one year old who was improperly strapped in facing the front of the car. 

Moore says he hit a pothole, jumped the curb and hit a utility pole and flipped over.

This accident report also reveals Moore told police he doesn’t know how the accident happened, but he says he may have blacked out. 

Friday’s crash isn’t the first time the daycare driver has been in trouble with the law.

Moore was arrest just two months ago for domestic assault.

His girlfriend told police the two of them were in an argument when it got heated then turned physical. 

She says she was asking him to get out of her car when he punched her in the eye.

After the crash Friday Moore was taken to The MED but isn’t there anymore. 

The Department of Human Services says they are aware of the crash and investigation Taylor’s Learning Academy.

Moore didn’t answer the door at his home for comment.