Decline Seen In Mid-South Flu Patients

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(Memphis) The battle against this season’s flu is getting better.

Health Departments in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas are all reporting fewer people are getting the flu compared to a few weeks back.

They say it’s because folks got their flu shots or already got sick.

In Memphis, The Methodist Hospital Healthcare Clinic reports it treated 90 patients a day at the peak of flu season last month.

That number is now about 70 people.

Even though there is a decline, doctors say this season is still a tough one and the peak part of it, lasted a lot longer than normal. It’s still flu season, so you can still get the shot.

“The CDC recommends you get shots until the end of the season. We could see cases up until May,” said Jessica Laws with Methodist Hospital.

It takes about two weeks after you’ve gotten the shot, for your body to completely build up antibodies to fight the flu.