Students Protest Bishop Bryne Closure

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(Memphis) Bishop Byrne Catholic School will close its middle and high school at the end of the year because there aren't enough students to keep the doors open.

Around 175 students attend classes, down from more than 400 several years ago.

Friday, many of those students marched down the schools drive in a silent protest and prayer vigil.

The students say many of them have attended the school since they started school and now they won't be able to graduate from the place they love.

Many protesters wore new Letterman's jackets and class rings they just got.

They say those items are just a waste of money, because at the end of the year they will have to go to a new school.

The march ended down on Shelby Drive where they held signs and chanted and many cars going by showed their support by honking their horns.

"We're just wanting to say the diocese are closing down our school and I know we have less people, but at the same time you can't do that because they're doing it for money but you got to realize this is about education. We are kids. We've got to be in school. You can't just close our school down," said student Alexis Foster.

Parents and students say they found out about the closure right on the news.

School administrators refused to comment about the protest or the closure.