Memphians Appear in Super Bowl Ad

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(Memphis) Two Memphians will be featured in a Super Bowl Ad Sunday.

Eleven year-old Jane Widdop and her brother 14-year-old Henry Widdop can be seen in a Hyundai Sana Fe Commercial airing right before kickoff Sunday right here on News Channel 3.

Jane and Henry, who are native Memphians, have been living in California with their mother Chey for the past three years as the two pursue an acting career.

Father Bill Widdop is a Memphis veterinarian, “When they originally went for the audition they had no idea that it was a Super Bowl commercial. But when they realized that what it was, they were on cloud nine. Who wouldn’t be? This is the epitome of what you strive for the world of commercials."

 The family decides each year if they will continue living in California and Memphis.

“It’s fun for them.  It’s an opportunity that we’re very thankful that we were able to make it work. It’s not been an easy road for anyone in our family but it’s been one that we’ve made work through a strong commitment to keep our family unit together,” said Widdop.

“The Monday after Thanksgiving when we got the call, Chey and I were in the car and we were both just elated because you think that they might choose one of the of the kids, but to choose both of them to be in it playing siblings was really awesome.”

Both kids have appeared in several commercials.

Jane has also appeared in the CBS show Two Broke Girls.