Triple Shooting Puts School On Lockdown

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(Memphis) - Memphis Police say there were no kids outside Promise Academy when a drive by shooting happened two doors down, but bullets managed to hit three men, nearly killing one.

Investigators are trying to figure out why someone would fire several times on three seemingly unsuspecting men in a drive by in a North Memphis neighborhood.

"I think they were definitely targeted," said Lt. Col. Wardell Smith of the Memphis Police Dept.

He said the three victims were taking turns riding a dirt bike up and down the street when someone in a white car, with a ski mask on pulled up and opened fire. Two of the victims were grazed with bullets while a third was taken to the Med in critical condition.

"The three gentlemen haven't given us information on why they were being shot at, they didn't know right now," said Smith.

Bullets flew through the home on Bryan St, according to police, but no one else was hit.

The elementary school was put on lockdown until police arrived and secured the scene. Investigators do not believe children were in any danger.

"It's really sad. I mean, these kids could have been out here playing and stuff," said Jonathan Prince, who lives nearby. "They have no concern for the kids out here. This type of thing, we don't need in our community."

Anyone who has information that could help police, can call Crime Stoppers at 901.528.CASH.