Top Prosecutor To Lead Case Against Accused Cop Killer

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(Memphis) It’s rare that Shelby County’s top prosecutor actually handles a criminal trial.

Bbut District Attorney Amy Weirich is handling the case against an accused cop killer and the man who was inside the house with him at the time.

Memphis Police officer Martoiya Lang was fatally wounded.

Friends of Officer Martoiya Lang who showed up for court went home with few new details.

They were here for the first degree murder case against 21-year-old Treveno Campbell.

It’s a case that the Shelby County District Attorney is prosecuting herself.

“This case hit home for a lot of us and it’s normal and natural for me to be in the courtroom. I spent 21 years in the courtroom and it just seemed like the right thing to do,” said Weirich.

Campbell is the guy undercover cops say shot and killed Officer Lang, a mother of four young girls.

He also faces an attempted murder charge for shooting Officer William Vrooman that same day.

Officers on the scene who helped serve the drug warrant were also in the courtroom.

“They were all prepared to testify today but instead of getting their testimony we decided to get their written statements,” said Bill Massey, defense attorney for Campbell.

Campbell waived his right to a preliminary hearing and will have a grand jury decide if there’s enough evidence for the charges against them to stick. Willie Braddock did the same thing.

He is not in jail.

He was in the house the day of the shooting but only faces drug charges. Today his lawyer explained why.

“He was actually already in custody at the time the shots were fired.  So, I don't believe even given any further investigation that there's going to be any connection between Mr. Braddock and any sort of homicide,” said Blake Ballin, Braddock’s defense lawyer.