Prolific Hot Check Writer Jailed

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(Memphis)  A man with a stream of victims from Mississippi to Tennessee is in jail tonight.

For years, businesses have complained and filed charges against John Fisher for writing hot checks.

He’s written checks to furnish and adorn his elaborate home, but today it looks like some of those victims are finally getting what they want, justice.

Fisher’s victims are the many small businesses that say he fooled them into thinking he has access to millions.

Today, the Shelby Co. Sheriff’s Office arrested John Fisher and his wife, Janet at the million dollar home on Oak Knoll Cove where they live.

Fisher has been arrested time and time again for swindling businesses out of high-end services and merchandise.

He is arrested this time on four outstanding warrants.

Fisher’s hot check charges go all the way back to 2007.

He’s been accused of writing bad checks for everything from a rare baby grand piano to expensive antiques and upgrades to his home.

The latest charges are related to repair work being done on the home.

The home doesn’t even belong to him.

The owner is Collierville doctor, John Crawford, who lets Fisher live there.

Fisher’s wife, Janet, is already arrested. Detectives say she is accused of writing a $24,000 bad check.

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