Memphis Police Officer Arrested for Domestic Violence

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(Memphis) Officer Lee Potts is off duty while the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office investigates claims he beat his girlfriend last week.

Potts turned himself in to deputies Wednesday after his girlfriend told police he tackled her, and repeatedly punched and dragged her all through this southeast Memphis home.

When police got here to Baymeadow Circle they found the victim had a busted lip, bruises around her eye and even teeth knocked loose.

They also found the victim had bruises on her legs, and that is consistent with the statement she made about what happened.

Potts has been suspended for seven days during his fifteen year career at MPD.

Some of the suspensions were for improperly firing at suspects and assaulting a suspect before an arrest.

Last year supervisors reported Potts needs to work on his judgment and gave him a negative review.

“Being in high stress jobs it’s a known fact already that police officers have a high number of divorce and domestic violence incidences,” said Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams.

Williams says counseling is available to officers if they feel overwhelmed, and managers can also refer them.

Officers must also go through training twice a year on how to handle work stress, and Williams feels enough is being done despite the constant stress.

“Once you’re out here in the streets fighting with criminals and the criminal element all day long they expect you to go home and be normal. You can’t be normal when you’re in one of the most violent cities in the nation,” said Williams.

Potts is the second officer arrested for domestic violence in less than a month. Samuel Hearn was charged after his girlfriend said he choked her and threw her to the ground by the neck.