Sanitation Strike Over, Residents Relieved

(Cordova, TN) - People who live in this affluent Cordova neighborhood say this is the first time they’ve seen trash lining the streets.

"I was worried because all the wind blowing trash out made me angry,” Cordova resident Manual Bernal said.

Bernal was thankful to learn the sanitation workers strike is over.

“It’s good news,” he said.

The workers will be back on the job tomorrow after a three-day strike by about 180 workers. The say the company has now promised them bonus checks that hadn’t been paid. So the union voted to go back work.

"The only thing that we ask is that they honor the contract, they don't break the law and treat us like human beings and employees instead of slaves," Worker Joseph Wiley said.

Comments like that might rub sanitation workers for the city the wrong way.  Republic pays its garbage collectors a starting wage of $40,000 a year and can make as much as $80,000. The average city worker makes $35,000.

Workers at the union say they are happy to get back in their trucks tomorrow. They apologized to the customers for the strike and made this promise to them Wednesday afternoon.

"Hold on we coming back just hold on,” Wiley said.

The garbage routes will start up again Thursday morning.

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