Cars Damaged By Flash Flooding

Posted on: 1:24 pm, January 30, 2013, by , updated on: 06:25pm, January 30, 2013

(Memphis) Flash flooding overnight caught drivers around Memphis by surprise.

At Poplar and Kirby Several Vehicles, including a police cruiser, had to be towed after they got stuck in the water.

Police had to shut down Millbranch, north of Shelby drive because of the flooding.

At least four cars also stalled out at Tchulamhoma and Knight Arnold. 

And the heavy rains flooded one of the tunnels underneath one of the runways at the airport.

Several cars parked at an apartment complex near the airport were also damaged when part of their parking lot flooded.

About a half a dozen residents at the River City Heights Apartments had several inches of water inside their vehicles.

“I tried to crank it to go to work, it didn’t work,” said Harry Taylor.

Residents say their parking lot floods a lot during rain storms, but it  has never been this bad.

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