Help For Man Paralyzed By Botulism

(Memphis) A Memphis man wants to help a couple he barely knows.

Benji Smith met the couple after a friend called and asked if he would volunteer to help with around the clock care with a patient at Baptist Hospital, "Along the was we've gotten to know each other a little bit better and gratefully he can talk and we're not spelling anymore."

Benji's new friend is Jay Killen, who a year and a half ago, was suddenly paralyzed by botulism.

Jay's been in the hospital ever since.

Doctors don't know what he ate to contract the disease, but they can't believe he's survived.

The good news is Jay's expected to leave the hospital before long.

The bad news is the costs for physical therapy are out of sight, so Benji is using the $900 we gave him to help his friends and Pass It On.

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