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Robbed and Kidnapped. Just Kidding.

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(Memphis) A Memphis man is in jail accused of telling a whopper to police. 

Police say Gregory Bufford told authorities he was robbed, kidnapped and forced into the trunk of his car but then confessed that he made it all up.

“That`s my brother,” said Vernell Burns.

Burns says her brother is often up to no good but this is over the top, “I am like ‘what in God`s name is going on’?”

When Bufford called police and told them his story, they impounded his car to search it for evidence but when he went to the Airways Precinct to give a statement about what happened to him, they say he suddenly confessed that he made it all up. That's because he was going to be in big trouble with his job and his girlfriend.

“He dropped her off somewhere and apparently he just left her there,” said Burns.  “He wasn`t answering any phone calls or anything.”

“And he never came back?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“He never came back,” said Burns.

“So we don`t know what he was doing for two days?” asked Hall.

“I don`t have a clue.”

But Vernell has a feeling that Bufford's drug habit has something to do with it. The couple lives on-and-off with her in her Hickory Hill home.

“They always doing stuff. Between the two of them there is always something,” she said.

She says Bufford is a truck driver and was supposed to pick-up a load in Mississippi and take it to Florida and his girlfriend was supposed to go with him. Instead, he’s in jail and she is now the one not answering his phone calls.

“She didn`t want to talk about it,” said Burns about Bufford’s girlfriend.  “I didn`t really want to ask any questions. I don't want to know. I’d rather whatever they do, they do it as far away from me as possible.”

Vernell says she plans to ask her brother and his girlfriend to pack -up and move out of her house as soon as he gets out of jail.

Bufford is charged with making a false police report. His bond has been set at $4,000.