City Changes Health Club Policy After Gay Couple Applied

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(Germantown, TN) A Mid-South health club gets a lesson on how to deal with the American Modern Family.

A gay couple and their children went to the Germantown Athletic Club on Sunday.

They wanted to join under a family membership and save a little money.

But the paperwork didn't allow it.

The Family Membership form defined a family as a husband, wife, and children under 18.

"The definition did not fit they're particular circumstance," Germantown City Administrator Patrick Lawton said.

So Lawton said the club told the couple they would look into and Monday morning they did.

"We tried to benchmark with other clubs in the area to see what they define as family and what we settled on what I think will work excellent in different circumstances and that is the term household," Lawton said.

The change does not recognize same-sex couples but eliminates family memberships.

It changes the form to offer household memberships.

"it covered a lot of different areas and is a much better fit to what we have," he said

While some opposed the change, the majority of health club members support it.

"I think it's a smart move. I believe in treating everybody equally," one member said.

Lawton agreed.

"People go there for the fellowship. Not only to work out and sweat but they go there to be with their friends and their families and we want to keep it that way and be as inclusive as we possible can," Lawton said

The health club already pulled its old membership forms from the front desk.

The city has also pulled the old policy off of its website.

News Channel 3 tried to contact the family involved, but they could not be reached.