Off-Duty Deputy Suffers Heart Attack After Detaining Accused Shoplifter

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(Red Banks, MS) -  A Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy helped take down a shoplifter while off-duty in Memphis.

Within the hour, 42-year-old Scott Johnson died of a heart attack.

His son, Travis Hood, rushed him to a Holly Spring hospital where they tried to save him.

Hood is heartbroken over the loss of his dad, but he is glad his father died doing what he loved.

“He's brave,” Hood said, “the bravest man I've ever known.”

It's no surprise to him his father went to help when an alleged shoplifter began fighting officers outside a Memphis Walmart, “Daddy jumped out, got on him, was pursuing him, doing what he knows how to do until the cops got there.”

Little did Hood know a short time later, he would be rushing his father to the hospital as he suffered from shortness of breath and chest pains.

“I carried my father into the hospital,” said Hood. “My father died on the table. They revived him and then one more time my father looked up at me and said, ‘I love you, son’ and my father died.”

Hood calls his father a Godly man who loved everyone, especially those he leaves behind; his family members, one of which is a 3-year-old boy he recently adopted.

“That's all we do, our world revolves around that baby,” he said. “My father loved that baby as if it were his own.”

Sunday, the flag outside Marshall Country Sheriff's Office flew at half-staff for the 42-year-old fallen deputy.

There Johnson served the county for eight years and Hood is proud of the legacy his father leaves behind.

“My father went down doing what he knows how to do and maybe God had a better plan for him but I honor my dad for doing what he did,” Hood said. “I guess God took his life. I guess God needed him up there in heaven in His battle.”

Visitation starts at 9:00am on Tuesday at Bethlehem Church in Potts Camp, MS. The funeral follows at noon.