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Man Says He Bought Tickets To A Fake Concert

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(Memphis) Fans of Mac Miller thought instead of watching him in videos, they were going to see him perform live at the Cordova night club, City Hall,  this weekend.  But they wont get a chance to, the concert is bogus.

“It shows you the address it looks like a legit ticket,” pointed out Amro Quran. He shelled out $32 dollars to go to the show.

“I was pretty upset. A lot of people have been trying to get Mac Miller to come for years and he hasn’t. The closest he’s ever been is Nashville,” said Quran.

Earlier this month, Quran started hearing advertising on the radio,  the rapper would  perform at the night club. It shocked him because the venue was small for a well-known artist, but after hearing more promos, he went online to a popular site and bought a ticket.

He says when he bought his ticket Thursday, the club was almost sold out.

“My friend texted me and told me to go on Mac Millers Twitter page,” recalled Quran.

That same day, Mac Miller tweeted he was never booked to play in Memphis and is upset about the fake show.

So who’s to blame for scamming Memphians out of their money? The company who promoted the concert says it was hustled by a booking agent out of Chicago.

It sent out an email explaining they were trying to work out a deal with the rapper. If Mac Miller doesn’t show  this weekend, the company says it will refund the ticket sales.

“I’m angry at the guy who did it. He screwed a lot of people in Memphis,” expressed Quran.

The fan says from now on, he’ll trust his judgment and only buy tickets in person at large venues. 

Mac Miller also tweeted to always check for upcoming concerts at the official website.