Medical Examiner Studying Human Bones Found


(Memphis) The medical examiner’s office says the remains found at a Shelby County land fill are human bones but the question is, to whom do they belong? 

The ME is busy trying to answer that question about the skeletal remains found Thursday afternoon.

We spoke with experts at the Forensic Center and they say the remains are at least a few months old.

That means, if you know someone who’s been missing for a few weeks, it’s not going to be them.

That’s about all we know about the body found in some brush at the South Shelby Landfill.

Because the remains were discovered on the border of DeSoto County, investigators say they’ll  be looking through missing people reports from Mississippi as well.

The Memphis Forensic Center says right now it’s doing a full skeletal survey to find out if the remains belonged to a man or woman, how old the person may have been, their race, and how long they’ve been dead.

Once investigators have that information, they will request dental records of missing people who may be a match.

The landfill says an employee found the remains Thursday, around 2 p.m. on a part of the property employees rarely go.

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