Laundromat To Also Provide Social Services

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(Memphis) It could be the first of its kind in the country, a laundromat where families can do their wash and have access to social services.

The South Memphis Alliance is set to open the Laundromat Resource Center next month on Bellevue.

The new business is part of the changing face of the South Memphis neighborhood.

"Mothers who come in they spend 30 minutes washing, 30 minutes drying. They are just sitting there. So, why not bring prevention services into a laundry mat?" said Reginald Milton, Executive Director of the SMA.

The Department of Family Services, the health department, the literacy council and area doctors are interested in setting up shop in the laundromat and people in the neighborhood can't wait to use it.

"I think that will be helpful because there are a lot of people who need that kind of care in this area," said Shelia Franklin.

This week the city also tore down the old Dairy Plant across the street.

The SMA plans to turn that into a center for families and children.

The laundromat will cost $1 million dollar to complete and is being funded with federal dollars.

The SMA Center For Families and Children will cost about $4.5 million.

The SMA is just starting its capital campaign to raise dollars for the project.

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