DeSoto County Building to Get Stricter Security

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(DeSoto County, MS) Monday, the DeSoto County Administration Building will start using two new metal detectors to help keep people safer.

For more than a decade,  DeSoto County Sheriff's Deputies were the only protection for the District Attorney’s office and tax collectors at the building.

“We take security very seriously and the board felt it was time to have metal detectors in this building,“ said county administrator, Vanessa Lynchard.

The county thought the new system was a good idea in wake of tragic massacres happening all across the country.

“It’s hard and scary to think you could put any kind of protocols in place that are going to be fool-proof for every situation,” said Lynchard.

The county spent about $10,000 for both metal detectors at each entrance.

The county’s courthouse started using a similar system last century.

News Channel 3 asked why the administration building didn’t already have them.

“It’s DeSoto County. Its Hernando. You just don’t think about things happening like that. But we have to be smarter than that. Our population is growing,” Said Lynchard.

The hope is the new set of metal detectors will protect the nearly 100 people who work in the building and the hundreds people who come through the doors each day.

This time of year the building is especially busy as many folks are coming in to pay taxes.

Lynchard spent the past 13 years working in the building and admits, even though she felt safe before, she feels even safer now.