Neighbors Angry Over Violence at Neighborhood Youth Center

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(Memphis) A community has some strong feelings over a youth center where parents send their kids to keep them out of trouble.  

A number of teens were exactly where they shouldn't be Wednesday, in the back of a squad car.

A fight over a girl spilled out onto the sidewalk and then shots rang out. No one was hit.

“Something needs to be done before we have what went on at that school”, said Dorothy Mills, a mother whose teens attend the center.

She said it’s a great place for kids, but violence is getting out of hand.

“When you got kids coming in that building with guns, then they need to do what they're doing at schools, put the metal detector in” she added.

It's an argument Francis Rodgers has made for months. She said the center ruined her neighborhood.

“Gunfights, gunfire, fights, it's an everyday thing it's still going on now.”

Rodgers said kids are put out and often wind up on her front lawn.

She's begged them leaders  to come up with a better plan.

She's gone to police, city council, and says no one will listen, and she's coping with angry, potentially violent kids, right in front her door.

“Things happen, anytime you bring 250 kids together people are going to have their differences”, said Reggie Davis, the center’s director.

Davis said they try to be good neighbors and that metal detectors aren't out of the question, but they don't really have that many problems.

“We've never had a gunshot on property, never.”