Collierville Alderman Wants More Officers In Elementary Schools

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(Collierville, TN) Safety concerns for students have the Town of Collierville joining the movement, for an officer in every school.

“Hindsight is always 20/20, but we should never go back and say maybe we should have done something,” said Collierville Alderman Billy Patton.

Right now, there are only two school resource officers for Collierville's five elementary schools.

Alderman Billy Patton wants to change that, giving every elementary school an armed officer to protect the children.

He's proposing adding three more officers to next year’s budget, “I think it will be a proactive step that most schools in the future are going to go to this.”

Mass Shootings like the one at Sandy Hooks Elementary in Connecticut, have schools across the nation considering armed officers on campus.

Patton says principals have fielded more than 1,300 phone calls from concerned Collierville parents.

“I've had several PTA members, moms come in and ask me if this is a possibility that this would happen,” Patton said.

However, adding three officers will cost the Town around $120,000 a year.

Some taxpayers say that's money well spent.

“Everything you do is for your kid’s future,” said Mail. “So what is the point if your child gets hurt or something, they won't have a future, so I think it's worth it.”

Many in Collierville think it’s worth it too. Patton argues that a town, who voted overwhelming to have its own school district, will do what it takes to protect its students.

“Where do your priorities lie? I would propose that in Collierville our priority lies within our kids and our students,” he said.

Patton plans to bring this proposal before the board in February. If it’s approved, it likely won't go into effect until June or July of this year.