Nationwide Manhunt Continues for Union County Couple

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(New Albany, MS) Ramon and Janet Barreto jumped nearly half a million dollars bail and have been on the run nearly four years.

They are wanted in the 2008 death of their adopted 2-year-old daughter, at the hands of her older sister who was watching her at the time.

”They were last seen out in California and the Marshal’s service began to follow-up on ‘em and looks like they eluded us one more time” said Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards.

Apparently something simple tipped off authorities as to their whereabouts.

”Ramon, I think, had gotten a ticket, and out there they take your thumb print and I guess that scared him and he took off”.

When they left Mississippi, they left behind a puppy mill in horrible condition and a house that didn’t look much better.

Last word was, the Barreto’s were selling DVD’s and CD’s out of the back of their van, and even trying to get back into the puppy business and adopt more kids.

Sheriff Edwards has tracked them from day one and says he’s determined to bring them back to face a judge for manslaughter by culpable negligence, ”He did have some brothers in Memphis and I don’t know where they’re at now, but we do know they’d changed their names and were out in California."

He says there’s still a reward for information leading to their arrest.