PUSH Coaltion Celebrates Inauguration And MLK Day

(Memphis) At Monumental Baptist Church, dozens of people gathered to see President Obama get inaugurated and to discuss what his second term meant to them.

For many, the president's second term meant "hope."

One young boy got on stage and called it an "inspiration”, saying that one day he too would like to be president, maybe number 48.

The PUSH Coalition, which works for social justice, held the event to celebrate the second inauguration of the country's first black president on the only national holiday that celebrates a black man.

“To have that coincide on the same day, it’s just awesome and mind blowing in itself,” said Pastor Wade Bryant.

Bryant says Obama's election the first time was a novelty to many but his re-election is even more powerful.

He says it means Obama was elected based on merit and his vision for our future.

Memphis City Attorney Herman Morris said, for him, the President's second-term is a call to action, “We've got to keep pushing like he keeps pushing to bring this country to a true realization of what it’s based upon: life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and most importantly equality for all.”

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