Optional Schools Campers in for a Cold Night

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(Memphis) Corrie Metcalf is camping out to get her son into White Station Middle School.

She's been camping since last Thursday and is prepared to wait until the doors open Tuesday morning.

“The school that I'm districted for is not really an option for us because the standards are not high enough,” said Metcalf.

 To Metcalf it's worth camping out in freezing temperatures in this tent for five nights.

A row of hundreds of parents like Metcalf are lined up with the same idea of getting their child into one of the forty-five optional schools in Memphis.

Because these spots are limited some families have called in reinforcements.

Charles Payson is from Wisconsin, and came all the way down here to camp out for a spot for one of his grandchildren.

Being from Wisconsin the cold doesn't bother him.

“People will be uncomfortable but I don't think it's dangerous,” said Payson.

Jennifer Balink is passing time in line knitting a pair of gloves, but she may not be done in time for the frosty night.

She says everyone in line watches out for one another, and it's turned into a little community.

“Everybody on tent row has been pretty good about making sure their neighbors have warm equipment and heaters and everyone is taking care of each other,” said Balkin.

The people here just have to make it through the night as applications will be handed out to hose in line at 6:30 AM Tuesday morning.