Officer Martoiya Lang’s Daughters Talk About Their Mother

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(Memphis)It's been five weeks since Memphis Police officer Martoiya Lang was shot and killed in the line of duty.

For the first time, her three oldest daughters are speaking to the media about their mother.

“I know I got used to the fact of her being a police officer.  I knew it could happen but I didn’t expect it to happen and I didn’t expect it to happen to my mom,” said Martoiya Lang’s oldest daughter Taylour.

The 14-year-old along with her two sisters, Dariyn and Naia met up with News Channel 3 Monday.

“Ever since our mom passed away we’ve been trying to understand each other more. But we have our up and down days and afterwards we will just talk to each other about we are feeling,” said Dariyn Lang.

The girls wanted to let everyone know they are doing fine and thank Memphians for the outpouring of support.

They also wanted to remember their mother that they said was their best friend.

“Everything we had she was there, even if she had to take off of work,” said Naia.

“I didn’t know that it was this many people that my mom affected and I didn’t know that our situation affected, but I knew how I felt about my mother. It’s a lot. It’s special to see all of the people coming out and doing so much for us,” said Taylour.

The girls mostly smiled when talking about their mother.

They said that she was a great cook and loved to sing with them in the car.

The smiles however turned to tears when they remembered their 2-year-old sister.

“She will not be able to have that same experience, like my mom always being involved at every school we went to. I will make sure to tell her how much our mom supported us and what we did,” said Taylour.

The three oldest daughters are currently living with their father Darius.

Martoiya Lang’s youngest daughter, the two year-old, has a different father and is living with relatives.

The girls said they get to see their youngest sister once a week, but miss seeing her every day.

But despite her untimely death, Lang’s daughter Naia, still wants to work as an officer like her mother.

“I wanted to be FBI, but I wanted to start out as police and get higher and higher in crime stuff to be on the SWAT team,” said Naia.

The girls said they will continue to work towards having good grades, which was important to their mother.

“For now they are leaning on each other for support. Ever since our mom passed away we’ve been trying to understand each other more but we have our up and down days and afterward we will just talk to each other about we are feeling,” said Dariyn.