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Neighbor Helping Neighbor Cut Heating Costs With Firewood

(Panola County) The sound of the chainsaw on a cold Mississippi morning is music to the ears of Raymond and Joe Walker.

“I can’t describe it,” Mr. Walker said. “It’s so good I can’t hardly describe”

It signals a man who they now call their third son.

“Here comes my star,” Mr. Walker said.

He's at their home chopping much needed firewood to keep them warm.

“It`s a blessing from God,” Mrs. Walker said. “He has sent us a big great blessing.”

Their blessing is former Panola County Sheriff's Deputy Earl Burdett, “When I was at sheriff office I used to go around and visit the seniors. I  learned my neighborhood and you see their needs without someone telling you their needs."

Meeting those needs has become Burdett’s life mission. In the summer he brings the elderly fans, and in the winter firewood to heat their homes.

“A senior on a fixed income can’t afford to lose $80 or $60,” he said. “They can’t afford to lose any money. So, me bringing out this wood is one less expense they have to deal with.”

Burdett say his strong faith in god keeps him going.

“Every year God gives me strength to keep doing it,” he said.

While it can be costly, he said he’s happy to pay it forward.

“I don`t take many vacations because I take that money and buy gas for my chain saws,” he said. “I’m going to be here for the seniors until I can’t do it anymore.”

The Walkers hope that kindness will be rewarded in heaven.

“He’s getting a star in his crown,” Mr. Walker said.

If you want to help Burdett, he said you can donate to the Senior Citizens Relief Fund.

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