Icy Weather Leaves Behind Potholes, Rough Roads

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(Memphis ) People around town say the roads are getting rough.

“Potholes, the ribs in the road are pretty rough when you hit them with your car,” said Keith Chapman.

He says his car is getting quite the beat down, “They're rough, they're rough, and they need some repair done to them.”

Memphis Public work crews spent the morning filling potholes along Riverside Drive. They were created by the recent icy weather.

“If you have older pavements or there is some deficiencies in the pavement, the water seeps in and it freezes and it thaws and it fractures the surface and it causes potholes,” said Deputy Director Robert Knecht.

He says his crews fill as many as 60,000 potholes a year, working hard to keep up with Memphis drivers.

“We have crews dedicated to certain parts of the city with that's all they do,” Knecht said.

As far as rough roads go, Knecht says public works has more than 6,500 miles of roadway to maintain, some of which can only be resurfaced every 25-30 years.

That's with the financial help of state and federal governments.

“Some streets that are major thoroughfares  they get so much more traffic, would maybe generally get a little more attention than a residential street because it doesn't get the same kind of traffic so you have to pay attention to that,” said

Anyone who comes across a pothole or bad road condition in Memphis can report it.

Just call public works at 528.2911.