Woman Leases House But Can’t Move In

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(MEMPHIS)  In the middle of Tuesday's ice storm, Teresa Wilkes was dealing with the perfect storm of her own. Her mother has a debilitating disease and is getting worse.

She scraped up cash, packed up both their apartments, and rented this house in midtown from Revid and Marathon two highly rated property companies.

 But the bank foreclosed on the home Wilkes had just leased. The locks were changed and the owner never told Marathon or Revid.

      Ms. Wilkes, her mom, and a full service moving truck of furniture were literally left in the cold.

“I have to find a place for my mom and myself to lay our heads”, Wilkes told us Tuesday night.

   The offices were closed, so we found a hotel to donate a room for the night. Today we went to these management companies for answers.  Hulet Gregory owns marathon.

“I had no idea this situation until you brought it to our attention our heart goes out to this lady and her mother”, he said.

   Gregory sincerely seemed concerned and told us the homeowner foreclosed days ago. They never had this happen and promised he would fix it.

  Ms. Wilkes had already talked the landlord of her tiny former apartment to let her back in.

It was her only option, until we connected her with Mr. Gregory.

“Anything we can do to help this lady, we're willing to do it”, said Gregory.

He returned Teresa's payment, promised to pay her moving bill, and help her find a new home. 

It may be a little late but it was the best news she got this week.

The home she tried to rent is on North Willett streets and according to property roles is owned by Josh Campbell of Memphis.