Witnesses Say Father Killed In Front of 3-Year-Old

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(Memphis) Memphis Police are asking for help as they try to track down three men responsible for a deadly home invasion robbery Tuesday night.

According to MPD, the three men kicked in a door at an apartment in the 4600 block of Garden Oaks Way near Airways and Shelby Drive after 8 Tuesday evening.

Once inside, the men demanded money and began shooting.

Two men were hit by the bullets. According to witnesses one of the men, a 27 year-old was shot and killed in front of his 3-year-old son.

“It was a lot of shots: three, four, five shots,” explained neighbor LaTonya Evans who came outside after Memphis Police arrived.

MPD did confirm there was a 3-year-old and a 25 year-old woman also inside the apartment when the shooting happened.

The second victim, a 26-year-old man, was taken to the Regional Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.

“I'm moving that's what I can do, I'm moving immediately,” added Evans.

MPD said the three suspects were seen leaving the area in a silver Chevrolet Impala. 

Several neighbors were afraid to share what they saw Wednesday morning in fear of retaliation.

“We could've been emptying the garbage because they said the guy who did it, he ran down where the garbage can is, “said resident Jermeika Mattox.

Right now, residents are praying the second victim pulls through and praying for the 3child who saw his father killed.

“He might not since he was so small, he might not remember it. But that was sad what they did to them,” added Mattox.

Memphis Police are asking anyone with information about the suspects to call Crime stoppers at 528-CASH.