Teen Nearly Abducted In Front of Wooddale Middle

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(Memphis)  The sun was just coming up as a young girl was attacked and almost forced into a car, while walking to school

"That's really disturbing," said Francis Crawford, a concerned parent.

She and other parents were alarmed to find out a man tried to take a teenage girl against her will as she walked to Wooddale High School Wednesday morning.

"It's sad that if she lives in the neighborhood where she's not safe to be able to walk to school and try to get an education," said Crawford.

The girl told police she walking down Wooddale Avenue near Castleman when a man, parked in a navy Ford Mustang got out of his car, grabbed her by the arm and tried to pull her in.

The girl fought off her attacker, police say, leaving a scratch on his face.

The man got back in his car and took off.

Parents can only imagine what he would have done.

"I'm glad we didn't get a chance to find out," said Crawford."

Jeannine Orange added, "I think that's awful and it's getting bad all over."

She hopes the man is caught. Even then, she urges parents to watch closely over their children.

"My kids are always with someone, an adult or their other three sisters, they're always together, never alone," said Orange.

Anyone who might know the driver of that navy Ford Mustang is urged to call police. Keep in mind that he could have scratches on his face.

You can call Crime Stoppers at 901.528.CASH.