Club Crave Shut Down

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(Memphis) On Wednesday, an environmental court judge ordered the permanent closure of Club Crave, at 380 Beale St.

The order states that “Double Entity Entertainment, LLC” shall cease to do business there.

The order also states that the business, run by brothers Randy and Rodney Williams, cannot operate a nightclub or any other type of business or promotional event at any location under the name “Crave” or “Club Crave.”

The Williams brothers are also not allowed to promote or hold any specific events in any venue if those events used to take place at Club Crave.

News Channel 3 tried to find the Williams at their home for comment, but they were unavailable.

On December 27th, 2012, the D.A.’s office and the Mayor’s office filed a public nuisance petition against Club Crave, Double Entity Entertainment, Randy and Rodney Williams, Beale Street Development Corporation and George Miller.

Several incidents at the club and in the surrounding area over the course of more than a year led to the filing of the petition, including a murder Christmas Eve.

But people hearing about this closure wonder whether that will solve the problems of violence at that end of Beale Street. They also wonder what will happen to the building.

“They’re going to go somewhere else. I mean you can’t stop them from doing what they do. It’s just there will be a different location,” said Marcia Williams.

Williams believes it’s the club guests and not the location that draws the problems. Others, like Terrence Carter, thinks that building should be used for something other than a club.

“I think you should turn it into a movie theater or something like that,” Carter said.

He said he feels it’s right to shut down Club Crave, as long as another club doesn’t take its place.

Before Club Crave, the Plush Club was in that spot. It was also shut down as a public nuisance after police were called there more than 100 times in its final year. But soon after, Club Crave took over.

People are now wary of that cycle starting over again, with the same problems coming back.

“It’s going to be the same thing. Even though they built the police force right there, somebody still got killed,” Carter said.

Mayor A C Wharton said in a statement: “This is a major victory for the city, the Downtown Entertainment District, and Beale Street. Rest assured we will continue in our efforts to identify a more productive use for this property through our ongoing talks and negotiations with the property’s owner.”

While he has made comments before about wanting to tear the building down, that has not been decided yet. The first step is for the city to purchase the building from the owner.