Child Found Running The Streets Alone, Half Dressed

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(Horn Lake, MS) Horn Lake Paramedic Christina Priola did a double take when she looked out the window of her ambulance Sunday night, ”We had just cleared a call when we were driving down Tulane, going back to the fire station and I saw a child running down Tulane."

It was a 4-year-boy, dirty, shivering in the cold and certainly not dressed for the weather.

What Priola saw, shocked her, ”What is a 4-year-old doing out in, number one the cold, the dark and alone”!

She stopped the ambulance and started chasing the child who led her into a nearby parking lot.

It’s a good thing Priola and her partner saw the child when they did, because the child was running down Tulane toward busy Goodman Road, headed straight into traffic.

She caught him and put him in the ambulance to warm up while she called police.

Priola also helped lead a search for the child’s parents, ”We then split up and went door to door, knocking, asking if anyone was missing a child. We didn't find anybody.”

Eventually police learned the parent’s lived on Normandy, and his grandparents on nearby Mayfair.

Each told police they thought the child was with the other.

DHS took custody of the child and is reportedly investigating.

Mayor Nat Baker said it’s just the kind of thing he likes to see in Horn Lake employees, ”When you have an employee step up and take that type of concern and reacts to it and possibly saved that child’s life."