Body Shops Expect Uptick In Business

(Memphis) Over the last two days, if you were one of the lucky ones, you drove home on the ice without a hitch.

But for dozens of other drivers, the slick road conditions forced them to call their car insurance companies. Body shops expect an uptick in business.

 “It could be $750 accident to $10,000 accident,” said Rob Taylor, owner of Apex Collision Center.

That's money in Rob Taylor's pocket.

Bad weather often means better business for those in car repair, “You`ll see probably a 10 to 15 percent increase in your business.”

But Taylor says the uptick doesn't usually happen overnight. 

After a car crash, drivers have to work it out with their insurance. 

Sometimes their cars have to be towed from a wrecker service to a shop and then others might wait to get their car fixed until sometime down the road.

 “A lot of times, the car is still drivable and it won`t show up for a week or so,” said Taylor.

 Either way, with bad weather the cars will come and Taylor says he’s there to put a positive spin on driver’s unfortunate ordeal, “Anytime you have an accident it`s a bad situation so you try to turn that around and make it a good situation.”


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