TDOT Prepares Bridges For Ice

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(Memphis) Bridges become deadly in icy conditions.

Monday, drivers were stuck in traffic for hours in downtown Memphis, waiting to cross the I-40 and I-55 bridges over the Mississippi river.

TDOT crews say the backup was caused because of ice on the bridges but they are working to prevent that problem again.

“Someone slid off the road and into a creek just right off the bridge,” said Katie Frassinelli.

Frassinelli drove from Mississippi for her job, and on the way she saw some pretty dangerous conditions on bridges, “I drove over a couple of them that we're salted but they were still mushy and slick even with all that down."

Tennessee's Department of Transportation takes responsibility of deicing the entire I-40 and I-55 bridges even though the state line falls right down the middle.

They pre-treated the bridge Monday but because the roads were already wet, it wasn't as effective.

“When any type of weather event happens at rush hour everybody leaves at the same time because they want to get home before it gets bad and that delays our process because our trucks are stuck,” said BJ Doughty with the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

TDOT says they have trucks on standby ready to head to whatever bridge or road they need to salt to keep ice from forming.