Mississippi Highways Dangerous

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(Tate County, MS) Shannon Jackson knew if she had to get out in the freezing, wet weather, she’d have to be extra careful, ”I’m hearing there’s a lot of wrecks on 55, people running off in the ditches so I’m staying off there and taking the short-cuts."

"The worst places I’ve seen, is right around the Senatobia area. I-55 is one of the most traveled roads in Northwest Mississippi,” said Mitch Turner of the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Highways 3, 61 and 78 were reportedly just as bad.

Backups were not uncommon on almost every Mississippi Highway, as drivers come along at a good clip and come upon a bridge.

The cause? Mainly speed.

”Come up on a bridge and get sideways and some of ‘em are off the road. Unfortunately, it take 2 or 3 of those off in the ditch before people realize just what they’re in for,” said Turner.

Road workers did everything they could to make the roads safe, ”For this event, we’re mainly using road salt and sand and slag mixture. It’s more abrasive and helps the traction."

But even that wasn’t enough in some areas, so Shannon Jackson prepared for the worst, ”If I get there, might have to stay there for the night. I don’t want to get out too much."

It's the best advice because conditions are bound to get worse by the minute.