Man Found Dead In Quitman County, MS

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(Quitman Co., Ms) The body of a man was found in a pool of water early Tuesday morning.

Deputies in Quitman County, Mississippi are trying to find out exactly how he died.

They do know he's a  28-year old man from Clarksdale, who was reported missing Monday night.

Quitman County EMA Director Jimmy Mathews says he met deputies Monday night on a stretch of Markham Road off Sabino Road in Quitman County, "Approximately eight o'clock I received a call that we had a missing person southwest of Lambert."

The part of Markham Road is close to the Quitman-Coahoma County line.

Mathews says deputies were called here Monday night to check on two people parked in a truck.

He says the 28-year old victim had been in a pickup with friends, but Mathews says it's unclear whether the man got out on his own or was forced out, "It was alleged that he was traveling with some friends, two others, in a vehicle. And something "came up" between, some altercation, and somehow he got out of the vehicle."

Rescue crews, deputies and family members searched Monday till midnight for the missing man.

Tuesday morning EMA Director Mathews resumed his search by four wheeler and found the man's body partially submerged in water.

The Quitman County Sheriff's Office wouldn't comment on the case or exactly how he died.

Jimmy Mathews says the cold weather could very well have been a factor, "It dipped into the low twenties last night. The weather was inclement to a point where it would be difficult or a person to survive."

The man's body has been sent to the Mississippi Medical Examiner office for an autopsy.