DeSoto Streets Dangerous

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(Southaven, MS) Dicky Denton made the trip from work in Collierville to his home in Horn Lake, but just barely, ”A few people are speeding past, not paying attention to weather and others to the road being slick”.

Ice early in the day turned to rain, apparently giving drivers a false sense of security.

"A lot of people still speeding too, I’m driving straight to Walmart," said Steven Brown of Memphis.

Those that didn’t took big risks on the roads.

Southaven Police had an eagle-eye view on the problem with cameras all over town.

”Cameras help a lot . It allows dispatchers to tell us what’s going on rather than us sending all the cars there with them guessing," said Police Chief Tom Long.

It helped a lot when a Camero lost control, spun out and ended up under a semi.

Police say it helps to make note of key trouble spots, ”Coming right out of Tennessee to Mississippi right at Stateline historically has a tendency to flood a little bit it’s one of the first places to get icy. The water will freeze and you won’t see it until you hit it."

All Dicky Denton wants to see is his driveway, ”Yeah, I’m gone get home and stay home for the rest of the night".