Bridges Better on Tuesday, Still Icy Roads

Icy Windshield

Icy Windshield

(Memphis) There were more than a handful of accidents across Memphis Tuesday but in terms of traffic, it was nothing like Monday when drivers  were deadlocked in traffic going over the I-55 and I-40 bridges.

Although the ride was faster for most, in some places it was just as slippery.

“The overpass is a solid sheet of ice,” said Jeremy Benfield.  “It’s nothing but ice.”

On I-40 in Cordova, Benfield was following his brother-in-law’s truck when he says it started spinning like a top, “We were trying to get him secured and then another truck lost it at the overpass and starting spinning out and I thought it was going to come barreling into us.”

The accidents from I-240 near Lamar to Bill Morris Parkway paled in comparison to the standstill traffic Monday night as drivers tried to cross the Mississippi river. For some, that short trip took three hours! T-DOT salted and sanded the bridges just a little too late.

Tuesday, that was not the case. Crews worked throughout the day to make sure traffic wasn’t frozen, like ice.  Our cameras could actually see standing water on the I-55 bridge, showing the salt and sand was doing its job.

Still, if you were driving 60 mph, like a normal night on the highway, you may have found yourself wishing you took this advice:

 “Don’t go out,” said Benfield.


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